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2. Reminders of fees and payment methods
Telephone consultation rates:
– The prices of the products are indicated in the local currency including VAT.
– The payment method used is payment by credit card or payment on the site.
3. Conditions of access to services
Access to our services is strictly reserved for clients over the age of 18, who are legally and
financially responsible for their actions.
4. Confidentiality and data protection
The information that the Client communicates on the Website makes it possible to process and
execute his orders.
The processing of the Client's personal data is to ensure a sufficient level of protection of the
information provided to guarantee respect for privacy and the fundamental rights and
freedoms of individuals. The Client is informed that his bank details will be kept for the period
of 120 days necessary for the fight against fraud in payments. Bank details are encrypted and
strict security measures are taken in this regard. In accordance with the LOPD, the Client has
the right to access, modify and delete the data that concerns him.

The medium and magic cabinet is subject to an obligation of means.

All payments are directed to paypal. In no case will this site have access to customer data.

In no case can the client's credit card be used without their consent.

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